New Publication: Principles for Population-Based Management

Dr. Peggy A. Honoré, Professor, LSU School of Public Health and School of Medicine, and Douglas M. LeBlanc, LSU School of Public Health Health Policy Systems Management 2017 graduate, are co-authors of the Public Health Finance chapter in the Fourth Edition of the Novick & Morrow’s Public Health Administration: Principles for Population-Based Management textbook. Mr. LeBlanc studied health care and public health financial management under Dr. Honoré while a student at LSU HSC-NO and played a lead role for eighteen months working with Dr. Honoré to update the chapter that she authored in the previous edition with Dr. Louis Gapenski. The chapter provides a comprehensive description of the financing, sources and allocation of funding, and management of resources in the public health system. In the chapter, an abundance of available financial data is consolidated to offer an expansive narrative on federal, state, and local financing of public health system functions.

Dr. Honoré is also co-author with Dr. Cheryl D. Lesniski on another chapter in the textbook – Past, Present, and Future Directions for Public Health and Healthcare Quality.  The chapter includes an extensive 200-year chronology of milestones in healthcare and public health quality. Emphasis is given to highlighting recent tools and events to aid in closing gaps and variation in the quality of public health programs and services. Work by Dr. Honoré to develop concepts and tools for quality while Director of the Public Health System, Finance, and Quality Program at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services is also presented in the chapter.

Detailed information about the book, released in Oct 2020, it can be found HERE