LSU SPH Participates in Assessment of Essential Public Health Operations in the Republic of Slovenia

LSU SPH is under contract with the World Health Organization (WHO) European Region to provide expert advising for assessing and strengthening public health financing strategies across the 52 nations in the region. Dr. Peggy Honoré, Associate Professor at LSU HSC School of Public Health and School of Medicine, is leading the review of national financing practices and participated on September 19 – 24, 2017 with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Health and other public health leaders in an assessment of the Republic of Slovenia. The assessment covers a complete review of the 10 Essential Public Health Operations and will continue through December 2017 when a full report with recommendations and implementation plan will be released. A WHO revised tool developed by Dr. Honoré for comprehensive analysis of financial practices across all nations in the European Regions will be released as well. LSU SPH 2017 MPH graduate Douglas Leblanc is also under contract with WHO to assist Dr. Honoré with the work.