Louisiana Tumor Registry Renewal Signed into Law by Governor Landry

Governor Jeff Landry visited the LSU Health Sciences Center campus Wednesday, June 5, to sign ACT 404 of the 2024 Regular Legislative Session into law. Presented by Senator Jimmy Harris, this significant act expands the ability of the Louisiana Tumor Registry, a nationally-recognized cancer registry, to support cancer research, control, and prevention.

The Louisiana Tumor Registry (LTR), a program within the LSUHSC School of Public Health, is a statewide population-based cancer registry. It compiles information to help guide policies for cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and survivorship. LTR data can help reduce the state’s cancer burden and cancer disparities and can improve the survival and quality of life for all cancer patients. The support from the Governor’s Office and this session’s legislative action reflects a commitment to gathering comprehensive data to advance cancer research, treatment and prevention efforts.

Dr. Steve Nelson, Chancellor of LSU Health New Orleans noted: “This key resource provides researchers with the data they need to develop effective cancer treatments and prevention strategies. We’re thankful to Governor Landry and the legislature for prioritizing public health and recognizing the importance of the Tumor Registry.” Dr. Trapido, Interim Dean of the School of Public Health, added: “The Louisiana Tumor Registry is the cornerstone of the LSU School of Public Health, providing students and researchers with opportunities to discover the causes of cancer and develop programs to prevent or reduce its burden.”

This significant legislation emphasized the importance of the Louisiana Tumor Registry in improving healthcare outcomes and strengthening statewide initiatives against cancer.

For further information regarding ACT 404 of the 2024 Regular Legislative Session, visit https://www.legis.la.gov/Legis/ViewDocument.aspx?d=1380846.