Lead in Your Water: Are Federal Tests Missing Poison in the Pipes?

Dr. Adrienne Katner interviewed by NBC News is featured in an article by Lisa Riordan Seville, Hannah Rappleye, Stephanie Gosk and Kevin Monahan. Dr. Katner reported, “If you’re only collecting the first-draw sample you’re certainly going to miss the higher lead levels that might be sitting in your lead service line,” said Dr. Adrienne Katner, a researcher at Louisiana State University’s School of Public Health. “There needs to be a change in how we sample the water.”

Katner has tested the water at more than 150 sites across New Orleans for lead, using the same methodology that Edwards designed. Her results, which come from both low and high-risk homes, bolster NBC News’ findings.

More than half of the sites Katner sampled saw lead levels rise 30 seconds or two minutes after the water had begun to run. Nineteen sites, including a community center and daycare, exceeded the EPA’s 15 ppb action level. The highest, in a community center, was over 190 ppb. Both Katner’s and NBC News’ samples were analyzed in Edwards’ lab at Virginia Tech.