Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH)

About the Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) program:

The BSPH curriculum provides a substantive introduction to the concepts, principles, skills, and methods used in public health practice, while allowing flexibility through the use of directed and focused electives. In addition, because communications skills are vital in addressing public health issues, the curriculum specifically incorporates communication skills into many of the required courses. Finally, because hands-on training is also critical to robust preparation for a career in public health, the proposed BSPH curriculum includes a learning experience consisting of a service learning or volunteer experience with a didactic component. Service-learning experiences consist of working with community-based organizations to address a public health issue. The LSUHSC School of Public Health already has active and strong ties to community organizations.

BSPH Courses (.pdf)

Prerequisite Courses:

Mathematics/Statistics (6)
English Composition (6)
General Education Arts (3)
Humanities (9)
Natural Sciences (12) *
Social Sciences (9)
General Electives (15)

*Must include a two-course Life or Physical Science sequence

Students interested in applying to the program should work with their advisors on a course sequence that meets the program prerequisites and the student’s interests. Example of a prerequisite course sequence.

Admission to the BS program is open to all persons who meet the admission requirements and qualifications; ideally, students will apply for admission to the BS Public Health program in their sophomore year after completing three semesters of full-time study (or its equivalence) at any accredited campus.