The MPH program in Community Health Science and Policy (CHSP) prepares students for jobs in public health leadership such as program or project managers, community advocates in government and non-governmental agencies. Students can also explore careers as policy analysts, evaluation scientists, community change facilitators, health educators, health promotion specialists, health communications specialists, health information system managers, medical and health services managers, prevention coordinators, public health advisors, quality management coordinators, and research assistants. Students will acquire skills in community engagement, policy analysis, risk and protective factor assessment, communication, intervention evaluation, and health impact assessment.

CHSP electives include behavioral theory application; chronic disease prevention and management; community-based participatory programming; diffusion methodologies; research  fuel and  physical activity; obesity; geriatrics ; infectious disease prevention; maternal and child health programming; mental health promotion in populations; quantitative and quality research methods; rural health access; and evaluation survey design.

CHSP Program Competencies

  1. Identify and apply behavioral health theories, concepts and models to community health analyses and practice.
  2. Analyze the impact of community practice interventions on public health, social justice, health promotion, and/or economic opportunity.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in planning, implementation and evaluation of ethical and culturally aligned public health programs, policies, and/or interventions.
  4. Apply management practices to decision-making in public health.
  5. Develop, analyze, and/or evaluate policies for improving the health status of populations.
  6. Identify socio-ecological factors and potential solutions affecting the health of individuals and populations, including health disparities.

CHSP MPH Curriculum

Course # Course Title Credit Hours Semester
PUBH 6120 Epidemiologic and Biostatistical Methods in Public Health 4 Fall /Summer
PUBH 6130 Building Bridges: Communication and Collaboration in Public Health 3 Fall /Summer
PUBH 6170 Principles for Population-Based Management 3 Spring /Summer
PUBH 6180 Essential Fundamentals of Health Policy 3 Spring /Summer
PUBH 6800 Practice Experience 3 Fall/Summer
PUBH 6600 Culminating Experience 3 Spring
BCHS 6212 Behavioral Science Theories in Public Health Practice* 3 Fall
BCHS 6213 Community Analysis, Ecology and Health Disparities 3 Spring
BCHS 6215 Monitoring and Evaluation 3 Fall
BCHS 6216 Health Program Development and Planning 3 Spring
CHSP 6217 Key Concepts in Public Health Project Management 3 Spring
Electives 12