Entry Requirements are calculus and linear algebra. In some cases, a student deficient in some of the entry requirements may be admitted, provided a remediation plan is developed and approved by the faculty. The MPH is offered through the School of Public Health, click here for information on applying to the MPH Biostatistics program. Applicants should have strong quantitative aptitude and skills, and their applications should be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • The strength of their previous coursework is based on grades and coursework, with particular emphasis given to courses in statistics, mathematics, and computer science.
  • Three letters of reference from individuals who can provide an assessment of your quantitative skills and potential for success in the MPH program.

BSDS Program Competencies

  1. Apply principles of inferential statistics and data science to analyze various types of health-related data and decision-making.
  2. Apply hypothesis tests for public health and medical-related research questions, select appropriate statistical methods based on the study objectives and data type, and draw conclusions based on the testing results.
  3. Evaluate public health and medical studies and design suitable power analysis and sample size calculations.
  4. Apply software and programming skills for data acquisition, management, cleaning, visualization, and analysis.
  5. Apply expertise to advise researchers and public health professionals on translating research questions into testable hypotheses to advance public health.
  6. Develop skills in communication, interpretation, and presentation of research findings to collaborators or clients

BSDS MPH Curriculum

Course # Course Title Credit Hours Semester
PUBH 6120 Epidemiologic and Biostatistical Methods in Public Health 4 Fall /Summer
PUBH 6130 Building Bridges: Communication and Collaboration in Public Health 3 Fall /Summer
PUBH 6170 Principles for Population-Based Management 3 Spring /Summer
PUBH 6180 Essential Fundamentals of Health Policy 3 Spring /Summer
PUBH 6800 Practice Experience 3 Fall/Summer
PUBH 6600 Culminating Experience 3 Spring
BSDS 6150 Statistical Programming 2 Spring
BIOS 6202 Applied Linear Models 3 Spring
BIOS 6204 Statistical Inference I 3 Fall
BIOS 6210 Categorical Data Analysis 3 Fall
BIOS 6212 Survival Analysis 3 Spring
BIOS 6610 Biostatistical Consulting I 2 Fall
Electives 11