Students pursuing these degrees will develop to:

  • Assist in the design of research studies in the health sciences, including sample size determination and power calculation;
  • Provide advice on the proper collection, storage, retrieval, and manipulation of research data;
  • Take primary responsibility for the analysis of data in a research study, using state-of-the-art statistical methods and software;
  • Interpret the results of statistical analysis and present these results to effectively to a non-statistical audience;
  • Understand the theory behind advanced statistical methods; and
  • Understand the concepts of clinical trials, epidemiology, and public health well enough to collaborate on research with clinical and basic science investigators in these areas.

The degrees offered by the Biostatistics Program in the LSUHSC School of Public Health respond to a growing need at the LSUHSC, within the New Orleans health-care community, within the state of Louisiana and across the United States for highly trained biostatisticians. The biostatisticians who graduate from LSUHSC can expect to find rewarding careers in academia, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and various healthcare organizations.