Charlottesville: Race and Terror (Update)

In response to the Charlottesville event and its political aftermath, the School of Public Health’s Public Health Practice and Community Engagement Office took the lead for Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and hosted Charlottesville: Race and Terror.  The event consisted of viewing the Vice news documentary of the same title and a panel discussion comprising faculty and students from the School of Public Health and School of Medicine.  Students, faculty, and staff from multiple health professional schools and alumni attended to support their alma mater and join in the discussion.

Implications of race and terror for public health served as the topic of discussion.  During the panel discussion, issues on micro-aggression and systematic racism were touched on, in addition to the topic of institutional racism – at multiple levels.  Those in attendance shared the sentiments of many Americans surrounding the horrible events in Charlottesville on August 12: violence of any kind is intolerable.  Ms. Hasheemah H. Afaneh, MPH student, remarked, “As a student, I definitely think we need more of these discussions.  If they aren’t happening in the classroom, it needs to happen elsewhere, for sure!”

The attendance and interest at the event proved to be positive and much needed.  Future plans include coordinating reoccurring events surrounding current issues and implications for health professions in the classroom and in the field.

Amber M. Brown, MPH
Coordinator, Public Health Practice & Community Engagement