Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Kendra Scott Teams Up with SPH LBCHP

Meet Hilary Wetmore Bordelon, of Kendra Scott, and Learn How Buying Bling Can Benefit Breast Cancer Awareness

Kendra Scott jewelry has teamed up with our very own Louisiana Breast & Cervical Health Program to help provide funding for cancer screenings through the Kendra Scott Breast Cancer Research Fund!  When you shop in store or online October 17-18, 20% of the proceeds will go to LBCHP.

What do you have to do: SHOP (of course) and mention “LBCHP” in stores, or type “GIVEBACK9585” at online checkout.

We were so excited about this opportunity that we wanted to get to know Kendra Scott a little better.  The School of Public Health was able to chat with Hilary Wetmore Bordelon, Gulf Coast Marketing & Philanthropy Manager, about why Breast Cancer research is passion project for their company and what their goals are for the future.

What would you say the Kendra Scott jewelry philosophy is?

At Kendra Scott we thoughtfully and joyfully connect through beautiful jewelry that gives back to the causes and people you care about most. We thoughtfully and joyfully connect through beautiful jewelry that gives back to the causes and people you care about most. We make a choice to see the good in every day – in the mirror, in each other, and in our communities. When we see the good that’s possible, together, we can create it.

Do you have a favorite piece?

This is always a tough question, but I’m a huge fan of our fine jewelry. Over the years I’ve been collecting our diamond & 14k gold Remi band rungs and I just loved them. Many people don’t realize we carry fine jewelry and it’s always fun to hear people’s surprise when I tell them they’re Kendra Scott.

Why did Kendra Scott decide to get involved in Breast Cancer awareness efforts?

As a female founder and entrepreneur who has been personally touched by breast cancer, Kendra Scott is on a mission to help find a cure. This is especially true this Breast Cancer Awareness month – in honor of cause deeply personal to Kendra since she lost her dear friend, Holley Rothell Kitchen to metastatic breast cancer in 2016. Year after year, Kendra has made it her mission to help find a cure for this devastating disease.

Why did you all decide to team up with Louisiana Breast & Cervical Health Program this year?

Kendra Scott is committing $250,000 to BCRF this year in support of its mission to advance the world’s most promising research to eradicate breast cancer and we felt compelled to partner with Louisiana Breast & Cervical Health Program to fund-raise locally at well. Louisiana has some of the highest breast and cervical cancer death rates and we feel like every effort to raise dollars for live saving screenings is incredibly important.

What are your hopes for Kendra Scott’s work with Breast Cancer Awareness in the future?

Since 2016, Kendra Scott has raised nearly $600K for BCRF which fueled a total of 11,939 research hours AND fully funded a metastatic research grant, proving that everyone can do their part to help find a cure. The grant works closely with Dr. Suzanne Fuqua, another Texas native who is making critical breakthroughs in understanding the vulnerabilities of metastatic cancer cells to transform the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. My hope is that Kendra Scott continues to have a part in helping with prevention, awareness, treatment, and most importantly, a CURE.

To  learn more about the LBCHP benefit days on October 17-18, go to