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Biostatistical Consulting Center (BCC)   The Biostatistical Consulting Center at LSU Health Sciences Center offers comprehensive statistical consulting and data analysis services for clients within and outside the Health Sciences Center. Specific services offered include assistance in grant proposal preparation, design of clinical trials, experimental designs, survey design, determination of sample size requirements, randomization plans, data management, statistical modeling, data analysis, report writing, and interpretation.

Faculty members have extensive experience providing statistical support with NIH, NSF and private foundation grants. Their specializations include clinical trials, nonparametric and categorical data methods, survival analysis, design of experiments, cross-over trials, linear models, regression analysis and response surface methodology, multivariate methods, sampling methods, longitudinal data analysis and high-throughput genomic/metagenomics data methods.

Through the School of Public Health, the BCC has a wide array of computing hardware and statistical and computing software (SAS, SPSS, S-Plus, R, StatXact, STATA, WINBUGS, FORTRAN, C/C++, etc.). A comprehensive suite of data collection and management services as well as an extensive set of paper and online survey tools are available through our affiliation with the Epi Data Center within the School of Public Health.

Consultation provided as part of the preparation of a grant proposal is generally offered at no charge provided the statistician is to be supported by the grant. In general, we are willing to spend an hour on unfunded, but otherwise meritorious projects. However, we do not provide extended consultation or data analysis unless arrangements can be made to cover the cost of faculty/student time.

Where a meaningful intellectual contribution to the formulation of the research question or the analytical interpretation has been provided by the statistician or essential statistical analysis performed, it is expected that this faculty collaborator will be offered co-authorship on consequent publications and presentations.

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Hui-Yi Lin
Professor and Interim Director
Biostatistics Program, School of Public Health
LSU Health Sciences Center

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