The following is a list of online presentations and information to be completed as part of Pre-Orientation. We ask that view all material in advance to be prepared to your on-site orientation.

Do not wait until the last minute! There is a lot of material to cover and complete.

Any form listed below and/or emailed in advance of your arrival should be completed and returned to Isabel Billiot as instructed. This will help us to expedite your registration to these offices and make your Orientation a better one.

These materials will only be listed up to day before on-site orientation begins on Friday, August 11th.

Online Presentations:

Click on presentation title to view it. Additional information on the topic and additional documents are provided below.

  1. Compliance
    All faculty, staff, and students, full or part time, must complete assigned trainings in order to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations. To begin training, click on the link below and enter your User Name (LSU logon ID) and LSU logon password.  Upon completion of compliance training, please submit Congratulations page and HIPAA certificate to Isabel Billiot. 
  2. CITI Training
    Instructions for CITI training
    Training Modules
    Required: Biomedical Research (Initial Course) and Social & Behavioral Research (Initial Course). It is recommended you provide an alternate email address in addition to your LSUHSC email. Upon completion, email Ms. Cuccia your certificate.
  3. Wellness Center
    Please complete completed and email to  in advance of your arrival.
    Express Assumption of Risk
  4. Parking
    Please complete and email to  in advance of your arrival. Any payments will need to be processes on arrival to this office.
    Student Parking Pre-Registration
  5. Library
    Please complete and email to  in advance of your arrival.
    Library Patron Registration Form
    LSUHSC Academic Unit Patron Registration form
  6. University Police
  7. Campus Assistance
    LSUHSC Campus Assistance Program – Brochure
    Preventing Violence on Campus
    Academic Performance Resources in LSUHSC-NO
  8. Student Health Services
  9. Office of Research 

Reference & Aid Materials:

  1. Student Academic Handbook
  2. New Student Check List
  3. SPH Responsible Use Guidelines Social Media
  4. Text Alerting e2Campus Notice 

Please print, complete and turn-in the following forms prior to your arrival to Orientation to Isabel Billiot in Admissions:

  1. Authorization for the Use of Title IV Funds
  2. Student Accident and Sickness Plan Form
  3. Optional Fees Form
  4. LSUHSC School of Public Health Code of Conduct
  5. LSUHSC School of Public Health Electronic Communication Acceptable Use Policy
  6. Consent for Photography
  7. Hurricane Emergency Contact Information
  8. Congratulations page
  9. HIPAA Certificate