Zhide Fang, PhD

Professor and BIOS Program Director


LEC 258




Biography & Expertise


PhD Statistics University of Alberta 1999
MS Statistics Huazhong Normal University 1989
BS Mathematics Huazhong Normal University 1986

Selected Publications

Chen, Z., Fang, Z., Fan, W., Edwards, A., & Zhang, K. (2017). CSTG: An Effective Framework for Cost-sensitive Sparse Online Learning. , 759 - 767.
Maronge, J. M., Zhai, Y., Wiens, D. P., & Fang, Z. (2017). Optimal Designs for Spline Wavelet Regression Models. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 184, 94-104.
Yang, S., & Fang, Z. (2017). approximation of ratio distribution and its application to next generation sequencing read counts. Journal of Applied Statistics, 44(1), 57-70.
Peres, L. C., Trapido, E. J., Rung, A., Harrington, D. J., Oral, E., Fang, Z., Fontham, E., & Peters, E. S. (2016, August). The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Physical Health among Adult Women in Southern Louisiana: The Women and Their Children's Health (WaTCH) Study. , 124(8), 1208-13.
Yang, S., Mercante, D., Zhang, K., & Fang, Z. (2016, June). An Integrated Approach for RNA-seq Data Normalization. Cancer Informatics, 15, 129-141.
Musto, A. E., Rosencrans, R. F., Walker, C. P., Bhattacharjee, S., Fang, Z., Raulji, C. M., Gordon, W. C., & Bazan, N. G. (2016, July (3rd Quarter/Summer)). Dysfunctional epileptic neuronal circuits and dysmorphic dendritic spines are mitigated by platelet-activating factor receptor antagonism. Scientific Reports, 6, 30289.
Henagan, T., Stefansksa, B., Fang, Z., Nevard, A., Ye, J., Lenard, N., & Devarshi, P. (2015). Sodium butyrate epigenetically modulates high fat diet-induced skeletal muscle mitochondrial adaptation, obesity and insulin resistance through nucleosome positioning. British Journal of Pharmacology, 172(11), 2782 - 2798.
Fu, L., Shi, Z., Luo, G., Tu, W., Wang, X., Fang, Z., & Li, X. (2014). Multiple microRNAs regulate human FOXP2 gene expression by targeting sequences in its 3' untranslated region. Molecular Brain, 7(1), 71.
Du, R., Mercante, D., Fang, Z., & (2013, March). An Artificial Functional Family Filter in Homolog Searching in Next-generation Sequencing Metagenomics. PLoS ONE, 8(3), e58669.