BCHS 6212 Behavioral Science Theories in Public Health Practice

[3 Credits]  This course is designed to introduce health-related psychosocial behavioral theories relevant to public health practice.  Frameworks of specific psychosocial behavioral determinants such as cognition, perception, lifestyle, and culture, which affect the public health delivery system, will be explored.

BCHS 6213 Community Analysis, Ecology and Health Disparities

[3 Credits]  The purpose of this course is to examine the interrelationships influencing the health of the community using an ecological framework. Theories and research related to community analysis central to ecological frameworks will be examined.

Prerequisites: First year Core Courses

BCHS 6214 Health Communication

[3 Credits] Providing a foundation in science, theory, and practice of effective health communication, this course also prepares students to develop, deliver, evaluate, and disseminate health communication campaigns to a wide variety of potential audiences.

Prerequisites: BCHS 6212

BCHS 6215 Monitoring and Evaluation

[3 Credits, Spring] The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the concepts of monitoring and evaluation of community, health promotion, and other public health programs. This course presents models, techniques, and practices of designing and implementing program evaluation plans.

BCHS 6216 Health Program Development and Planning

[3 Credits]  This course provides students with a review of the basic principles and methods for planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating health promotion and health education intervention programs.

Prerequisites: BCHS 6212

BCHS 6217 Community Based Participatory Programming

[3 Credits]  This course introduces the student to the concepts of community-based participatory research in public health.  This course presents concepts, models, techniques, and practices useful in developing collaborative community-based participatory programs.

Prerequisites: EPID 6210 and BCHS 6212

BCHS 6218 Principles of Rural Health

[3 Credits]  The purpose of this course is to provide students with an overview of healthcare and access issues “considered unique to” rural areas of the United States.

BCHS 6219 Behavior Theory Applications

[3 Credits] The purpose of this course is to expand students introductory knowledge of behavioral theories to include the application of and use these theories across professions, behaviors, settings and populations. This course presents an overview of theories/models of factors influencing behavior and examines how these are used to inform the design, implementation, and evaluation of interventions to effect health behavior change.

Prerequisites: BCHS 6212

BCHS 6220 Issues in Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health

[3 Credits]  This course examines the history, organization, and financing of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) services in the U.S and to provide an overview of the health, social, economic, and policy issues currently affecting reproductive age women, infants, and children. This course presents approaches of assessing MCH related data and assessing and translating evidence-based interventions into public policy recommendations.

Prerequisites: BCHS 6212

BCHS 6221 Survey Design

[3 Credits] The purpose of this course is to gain the knowledge necessary to develop and execute a survey and analyze the collected   Students will gain knowledge essential to designing, creating, and conducting surveys. Utilizing knowledge gained from prerequisites, students will be able to analyze survey data and determine its quality.

Prerequisites: BIOS 6221; EPID 6210, 6215

BCHS 6222 Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

[3 Credits] This course introduces public health students to current issues in chronic disease management, including challenges in disease prevention and management; population-based perspective of chronic disease; integrating clinical preventive services into chronic care; and issues of public policy that impact the burden of chronic illness.

Prerequisites: BCHS 6212

BCHS 6223 Public Health Implications of an Aging Society

[3 Credits]  This course prepares public health students with the skills to address health promotion, chronic disease self-management and other behavioral and quality of life issues among the aging.

Prerequisites: EPID 6210 and BCHS 6212

BCHS 6224 Health Related Physical Activity

[3 Credits]  This course introduces students to the role physical activity and nutrition contributes to creating and maintaining optimum health.

BCHS 6225 Infectious Disease:  A Public Health Response

[3 Credits]  This course provides students with an overview of the impact of infectious diseases on the populations’ health. This course will focus on the public health burden of infectious diseases and public health measures to prevent and control infectious diseases.