School of Public Health
MPH Students 2016-2017 Academic Year

Projections are based on authority granted under the LA GRAD act to increase tuition and fees up to 10%
(plus an additional 5% for Medicine and DDS students under Act 297 of 2011).
No formal approval has been given by the LSU Board of Supervisors for increased tuition.
There is a possibility that other tuition increases may be authorized by the legislature to offset budget reductions.

Student Financial Aid

The Student Financial Aid Office administers grants, loans, scholarships, and part-time employment. Students interested in receiving financial aid should contact this Office well in advance of their expected enrollment. Each student’s need for aid will be evaluated on information supplied and in accordance with Financial Aid Policy of the Health Sciences Center. Representatives of the Office are available for consultation with all candidates for admission and with students.

For more information, please see: Financial Aid.

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